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OMFG. My Thighs.

January 14, 2010

One of the most heart-wrenching realizations: Good God, my jeans don’t fit.

I ran into this one about 6 weeks ago. I’m no where near my peak college weight and have managed to keep off a fair amount of the bulk I lost last year…. but wooow, at some point here I ceased to see that weight and shape are not the same thing. That is, the number on the scale hasn’t changed but my ass sure has. Slowly, I’m morphing into Grimace.

So what did I do about it? Well after waffling and procrastinating for about 3 weeks I joined a gym. A week later I did my first weigh in: 160 lbs. UGH. Not the kind of number you like to see. I started hitting the gym and got back to my favorite diet program which I will refer to as WW (please, don’t sue me).

Its been two weeks and my weight loss has been steady and very encouraging. 2.5 lbs each week! Honestly, the change in the number is great but even better is feeling fitter and leaner. My confidence has been boosted and I’m looking forward to reaching my distant goal of 135 lbs. Burgers, burritos, cheese fries and jalapeno poppers be damned! I’m gonna make it after all!

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