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I Mean, Seriously, How Great Is Sushi?

January 15, 2010

For all of us fatkids there’s just not a lot of better feelings out there than a full belly. Of course, we are also trying to be skinny bitches and social butterflies, and with the meals out and the bar nights and the ladies’ lunches… Well, there’s just not enough calories in a day to be able to do it all.

Sushi is my personal godsend for this particular problem. I mean if you avoid the spicy mayo and the tempura you can basically eat yourself silly and still stay within your daily calorie goal. For those of us on WW (please don’t sue me), you can have a seaweed salad and two maki rolls (again avoiding the fatty stuff) for just 5 points (the equivalent of approximately 250 calories)! This is truly incredible when you think that the 3 glasses of wine you’re going to have later are 6 points alone.

So lesson is – gonna drink later? Sushi for lunch! Calorie counting – the most fun game ever!

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