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The Super Ex

January 15, 2010

Also known as “the one that got away,” “first love,” and “that freaking asshole.” All of my lady friends have him: the Super Ex.

Mine started in middle school. I met him while visiting my Father and in no time we were in separable. We ran up huge long distance bills listening to each other breathe over the phone from different states. We grew up with each other’s support and whether we were “officially” together or “just friends” we were always true to each other in our hearts. We both dated others in high school, figuring we’d end up together eventually anyway. Until college.

I chose my school for a lot of reasons, but one was my Super Ex. I came out to his home state, just 15 minutes from his home. One problem: an agreement I thought was unspoken was actually non-existent. So he went off to a new state and got a new girlfriend. And I took some time and refound myself.

It took a while and a few false starts, but now we’re back to being friends. With… well, occasional benefits. We chat all day every day, share links and laughs, end up in the same bed at the end of the night. I don’t hate it. But it sure is confusing. I’m constantly trying to untangle my feelings for whatever new boy from what I have left over for my Super Ex. And secretly, I still hope we’ll make good on all our childhood promises and end up together.

Poor new love interests, will anyone ever be able to compete?


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