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The Classiest Workout Yet

January 19, 2010

Photo: Kularock (click pic for more)

I like to think of myself as fairly laid-back and open minded, but one thing I’ve always detested is strip clubs. Just the thought of drunk, horny, sweaty men waving dollar bills at naked girls young enough to be their daughters… ick, just gives me the heebie jeebies.

When a friend suggested a pole dancing class, my knee-jerk reaction was, God no. Partly it was the strip club association, partly… it was just freaking intimidating. So we decided to ease in and went over to Flirty Girl Fitness for a lap dance class. This gave us a chance to creep on the pole dance class and I have to say after watching the advanced pole dancing class work it, I was intrigued. These girls were BUFF. Plus they could do some pretty amazing tricks. Of course, being an all girls gym facility, the skeeze factor is non-existent and its all about having fun and playing around.

So we went. We learned a quick little routine including a pretty little spin on the pole and lots of booty shaking. It takes a lot of skill to execute all those moves and even look halfway sexy doing it. I walked out feeling like, Yeah! that was fun, not much of a work out though. Morning after? I’m covered in bruises and can barely move my arms.

I mean seriously, my legs are so banged up it hurts to walk and I can’t raise my arms even far enough to feed myself. Which, now that I think about it, may be a side bonus.

New found respect for the pole dancers of our world – dig your art form, if not your venue.


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