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Do You Realize How Few Foods Are White?

January 20, 2010

Last night I got my teeth whitened. No, I survived getting my teeth whitened.

No one told me that “slight discomfort” is actually searing, tooth-splitting pain for people with mildly sensitive teeth. I actually only made it through half the treatment before I had to scream Uncle and take a raincheck for a few weeks from now to finish up. You know what they say, pain is beauty.

This hellish 45 minutes in the dental cosmetologist’s (file under: unnecessarily complex titles) office was followed by several hours of throbbing pain in my lower teeth and then capped off with a desperate trip to the grocery store.

See, after teeth whitening, you cannot eat anything with color. That includes… well, everything. They recommended I eat refined starches. Right, that’s awesome if you are not on a diet and did not just have a rather disappointing weigh in.

I was determined to find something that would be colorless, but low cal. Well guess what that leaves? Fish. And cauliflower. I accepted my fate. What a treat after hours of misery. Mmmm… Doesn’t that just look delicious? No? It doesn’t? You don’t want the recipe?

OK, I guess I can understand that, but here’s a secret: It wasn’t that bad, even though, yeah, it looks terrible.

Here’s the quick run down: Half pound cod, with half tsp of olive oil and salt and pepper, cook for 6 or so minutes at 425. Half a head of cauliflower, half tbsp of butter, and minced garlic – let it sautee. Voila: 6 points! Gotta love that.

Lucky me, I get the leftovers for lunch today.

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