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Yet Another Reason It Rules To Be A Girl

February 3, 2010

I have to return some video tapes.

Normally, I follow “the rules” when it comes to the early stages of dating; I rarely, if ever, accept contact information from men. This is for two reasons: 1. I tend to get overly invested in people too early and 2. it’s way more fun to be chased.

It’s not always feasible though. Sometimes you end up with a number for reasons beyond your control. Usually my solution is to throw it out. But lately, I’m trying to be more adventurous.

Remember my failed attempt to scope out some higher class boys? That night I ended up with the business card of Love Interest P, via a third-party. If you remember how that night turned out, you may realize that it may not have been the best opportunity to try my hand at making the initial contact.

But I did it anyway. And it was actually pretty eye-opening.

I decided to drop Love Interest P an email a few days after meeting him. I wasn’t overly excited about him, but figured well whatever, it’s something. As the hours, and then days, passed with no return email, my lukewarm interest morphed into humiliation, angsty irritation and then, finally, dejected resignation. The rejection stung even more since Love Interest P wasn’t all that great anyway. So, screw him for not falling all over himself to reply to me. As soon as I had accepted my rejection, I get an email. From Love Interest P, a FULL WEEK later.

This whole process was exhausting, despite the fact that my interest in P was only mild in the first place. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster I would have been on had this been someone I was actually into?? How is that even worth the effort? I now have such compassion for the guys out there trying to make something happen. So disheartening every time a call is left unreturned. Guys have to play this role every time; we get to sit back and wait for the call.

Personally, this is just one more instance (like cute shoes, boobs and free drinks) that makes me so happy to be a lady.

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