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Man Recycling

February 17, 2010

Didn’t your mom ever teach you not to be wasteful?

Man recycling has become a great trend in my dating life. I live by the motto, if he was worth dating once, he’s worth dating twice. Often the second time around, things have sufficiently changed to make a second go at it worthwhile.

For instance, Love Interest E and I have been having a little whirlwind romance since our second first date on Friday. We originally dated a few years back, but we weren’t quite suitable for each other yet. We had a lot in common but we were at different places in life. I was working a rather stressful job and enjoying my first year out in the big city. He was fresh out of grad school, job hunting and living in the burbs.

Now that we’ve decided to give it another shot, we’re much better matched in lifestyle, as well as personality.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes the way the relationship ended is a red flag this particular man is non-recyclable. These endings imply that a man is landfill material: screaming, cheating, law breaking or crossdressing.

As for Love Interest E, let the whirlwind continue. Highlights include karaoke bars, homemade (by him!) poached eggs on biscuits, playing hooky to spend the day together, giant burgers and general love-dovey-ness.

Considering how quickly my interest in Irishman waned (the “I love him!” post and the “Get him away from me!” post are only one apart), I’m trying not to get overly hopeful. I’ll be putting some new irons in the fire shortly, but for now, I’m feeling the rewards of man recycling.

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